We at SINGA love to rethink concepts and to invent and try out new things

Our team brings comprehensive expertise and experience in all topics related to migration, inclusion, transculturalism, labor market access, entrepreneurship and social innovation.


Our team brings comprehensive expertise and work experience in all topics related to migration, inclusion, transculturalism, labor market access, entrepreneurship and social innovation.
Our own projects allow us to remain closely connected to the people and their needs, and this contact and the associated experience are reflected in our consultations.

We do not wish to keep this expertise only for ourselves, but look forward to working out exciting solutions together with you!

And we are not limited to Berlin! SINGA is present in 10 countries and 22 cities.  for an overview.


Diversity, social inclusion and impact. The Robert Bosch Foundation is SINGA’s strongest partner in these areas and this has been the case since 2016! The combined power of a civil society organization and a foundation was bundled in this project to make Rethinking Integration possible.

The Robert Bosch Foundation has set itself the following objective for its work in topics relating to the “immigration society”:

Co-existence in an immigration society is characterized by a respectful and jointly shaped social interaction that takes into account the different needs and potentials of people. All persons can participate in our society as equals, regardless of their origin, their religious and cultural backgrounds, and their physical appearance. This society is free of discrimination and characterized by a feeling of togetherness.

Check out their website and find inspiration through their work with many exciting actors and topics!


Annette Widmann-Mauz, Federal Government Commissioner for Migration, Refugees and Integration, and patron of the program.

»People who have recently arrived in Germany should be able to live in a society that enables the participation of all members as something that is self-evident. To achieve this, we need to shape integration, primarily at a local level, and understand it as the active involvement of all members of society.«


Shai Hoffmann is not just famous for being selected as a sustainability influencer in the #Sustainable100 of Triodos Bank, but also primarily as a personality who proactively shapes societal change. This is because, Shai, being the grandson of Holocaust survivors and an archetypal citizen of Berlin, sees promoting a viable democracy as a topic that is very close to his heart.

»For me, inclusion means that we can live together in peace as a diverse society. That we respect and support each other so that every individual can apply their talents and strengths for the benefit of society. Where people share a vision or a common goal and are ready to stand up for it and work towards it together – by whatever means, be it through money, talent, knowledge, contacts or charity.«


Lina Eddisi is Strategy Manager at Continental in Berlin. Her expertise is in strategy, and particularly in the areas of mobility and digitalization. Lina is a friend and supporter of SINGA Business Labs in Berlin, which supports newly arrived entrepreneurs with starting their own business.

»And where are you from actually? – This question has always been a serious challenge for me. I was born in Munich and this question always makes me feel like I do not belong in Germany. Rethinking Integration – this is the common mission of our generation: to create a society in which everyone has their place.«